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Release Date:

6 September 2021


Elks’ GOLD series is loved by many, from the big win potential to the epic music score there is loads to love, so when a new entry is added it’s always eagerly looked upon. Zulu GOLD doesn’t disappoint. Maintaining the feel of a GOLD game while adding in more features to differentiate from the other offerings in the series

Key Info



Max Win


Game Type



266,144 Ways

Other Info

Base Game

With 4 columns starting with 4 reels on each, the basegame starts like most other GOLD games, however along side the huge 2x2, 3x3 and 4x4 symbols, new stacked symbols in the form of 2x1, 3x1 and 4x1, When these land they allow the other blocks to land on top as they would normally doing giving a boost in hight. Each win will add a new row on the top until hitting the maximum level of 262144 ways. Wilds can also be stacked and up to 3 wilds can be in the same location, get a win with a 3 stacked wild and it will lose a stack but remain until no stacks are remaining.

In-Game Features

Land a Flaming Lion "Wild Walker" symbol and you will get a roaming wild which will move 3 spaces in a random direction dropping wilds as it goes before stopping, get a win and it will continue to move 3 spaces. If it lands on a large square symbol it will convert that symbol to a wild too adding more opportunities to listen to the epic win music!


In the bonus, you have a lot of the features that you have in the base game with a few additions, firstly your starting ways on each spin is held up to a higher safety level of ways based one additional row per winning spin . Land 3 multipliers on a spin however and the real power of the bonus comes into play. Not only is the multiplier added to your wins that round, but it’s also stored in a running modifier which is stored till the next time you get 3 multipliers where they will all add together. Don’t worry though, if you only get 1 or 2 multipliers, they are kept on the reels till you do get 3 multipliers. Get a 3 stack wild in the bonus and they will also also stick around till the next spins until all stacks have been used!


While we have all loved the potential in the other GOLD games, it feels like they have turned it up a notch with the multipliers in the bonus, with a solid feature in the base game with the roaming Lion wild there are plenty of things to keep you entertained and hopefully give you a big enough that you create your own Zulu dance!


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