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Print Studios

Release Date:

13 December 2022


The game takes you deep into a distant galaxy where Earth's eons colonize the planet. Unfortunately, the planet’s old-age energy facility is overrun by critters, and it is your duty to eliminate them.
Intel tips that critters have significantly valuable energy cells within the main building. However, you must close the protective barriers outside before you access its entry. Luckily you can collect Reapers by your side, designed to alleviate the risks associated with such missions.
Designed by Print Studios, this game delivers an intergalactic adventure with intuitive packages. As you would expect with mission-oriented games, it gives you special ability symbols and bonus game round to broaden the winning chances. Welcome on board and relish the immersive gameplay.

Key Info


96.47% / 94.44% / 88.44%

Max Win


Game Type

8x8 Grid


Cluster Pays

Other Info

Base Game

Games' special ‘Barriers’ are crucial in the base game. As you start spinning, you have 15 of them grouped into 1+2+3+4+5. For each barrier you shut, you reach the next symbol grid. You activate the bonus game if you manage to shut all 15 barriers.
There are 5 reapers by your side, and you can use them to eliminate critters. Also, remember to collect energy cells and close the barriers

In-Game Features

Luckily, you can upgrade respective reapers to activate their special abilities during in-game features, including the following.
Collecting Feature
When you land a winning cluster, the reaper of the matching type is placed next to that cluster. All matching symbols and similar clusters adjacent to the reaper will transform into Energy Cells. They can then be paid for after collection.
The Charges Feature
Collect 5 Energy Cells, and the reaper will enable 1 charge. You utilized these charges when shutting down barriers. The amount of charges needed to shut down a barrier increases from the third barrier group.
Special Abilities
Fortunately, each reaper has nascent special abilities making it easier to progress to the next level and collect wins. These special abilities activate when the reaper collects a Power Core.
Then Energizer will enable the reaper to generate one energy cell per symbol grid.
Linker - this one links to other reapers making it possible to collect from each other.
Transformer - Changes the remaining purple symbols into other symbols.
Expander - Collects symbols on a 4 x 4 area.
Erupter - This multiplies its collected wins with a multiplier of up to x10. Multipliers are chosen randomly at the beginning of each symbol grid.


You will need to shut down all 15 barriers to trigger the bonus round. The bonus round consists of 5 levels, each with 75 symbol grids. You progress to the next level by collecting enough Energy Cells. For each new level reached, you will be able to remove a critter.


Welcome to this brand new 8 x 8 clusters play slot by Print Studios, and enjoy fantastic gameplay and payout features. It features a layer mechanic, a collector mechanic, and a bonus round. You will certainly enjoy some wins here and there, given its theoretical RTP of 96.4%, high volatility, and a Max Coinciding Win of 20000 x Bet.


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