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Welcome to Slot-Streamers, In this first post I just want to tell you a little about what I envisioned when I came up with this idea and how it has expanded over the last 2 months since it was first conceived.

I am probably a slot streamer second but a viewer first. I watch a wide range of channels from people who have a few viewers to some of the bigger streamers like Roshtein on Twitch and The Bandit on YT. The one thing that this has lead me to is that I'm a member on over 20 websites and at one point I had 30+ discord channels open. I thought there had to be a better way. However as a streamer, the urge to have your own website and discord channel feels natural. So I wanted to look at how we could make this work for both areas. Improve the viewer experience while allowing streamers to grow their own community.

As a new streamer last year, I also had problems finding support building overlays, setting up streams, setting up bots, and being able to manage all of this at the same time while live on stream. Other streamers were doing their own thing and didn't have time to support. This was another thing I wanted to make sure that I was able to do if I ever made a community.

So with these in mind, I created slot streamers. I set a simple set of guidelines:

What will we provide to the streamer:

  • Streamer Page - Each streamer will have their own page on the site which will contain:

    • A brief description of themselves and their key highlights

    • Their Casino Affiliate Links

  • Central Forum - On request we can make a forum board for just you, although normally will just direct people to the main forum

  • Central Discord - You will have your own channel on the Slot-Streamers discord

  • Moderation - On request we can support your existing moderators and/or provide some moderation where needed.

  • Mentor - Support from experienced streamers with knowledge and advice

  • OBS Support - Help with setting up overlays and graphics

  • Chat Bot Support - Help with setting up commands and timers

  • Merch Store - (Not currently available) - Central store for all streamers allowing for cross sell possibilities

  • Highlight Videos - (Not currently available) - Regular highlight videos of all streamers big wins

What will the streamer provide to us:

  • Promote Slot-Streamers Site & Discord - While you may have your own, it would be beneficial to all of us to have more people joining the wider community.

  • Act in a positive way as a representative of the community

Note that I'm not asking for any financial contribution from the streamers - All of the affiliate links on their page will be their own - When I make Casino pages, it will have casino streamers affiliate links and reviews from those streamers.

I want to build this as a community, and I hope that you all feel that this is the right way to go about things, that being said, I'm open to feedback so drop me a line on Discord if you have any suggestions.

Thanks for your ongoing support


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